Disney Co-Op

Disney Co/Op is a service exclusively available to licensees, retail, studio, and corporate alliance partners of The Walt Disney Company. The team works with companies to bring their products and stories to life across Disney’s digital media network of publishing brands, websites, applications, and social channels. Disney Co/Op helps brands deliver against their marketing and business objectives using data and insights only available from Disney through two solutions:

Disney Co/Op Studio
Disney Co/Op Studio features a full-service, in-house creative team that creates custom content for brands.

Disney Co/Op Native
Disney Co/Op Native is a turn-key, performance based advertising service that allows retailers and licensees of The Walt Disney Company to easily promote their products or brands across Disney’s digital media network. The native ad content follows the natural form and function of Disney’s digital platforms. By combining a simple set of audience targeting criteria and advertiser-provided assets, users can drive meaningful branded engagements with a qualified audience in a uniquely Disney environment.

To learn more or to start a Disney Co/Op Native campaign, visit coop.disney.com


Fact Sheet – Disney Co/Op (.pdf)

Media Kit – Disney Co/Op Native (.pdf)