Disney Digital Network

Disney Digital Network creates high quality, digital-first stories and delivers them globally to diverse Millennial and Gen Z audiences through the platforms and influencers they know best. The network, which reaches over one billion followers and publishes more than 6,000 pieces of content every month, is made up of editorial voices, more than 300 social media channels, and a curated network of hundreds of influencers.

Disney Digital Network’s portfolio of editorial voices includes:

  • Oh My Disney, the ultimate digital destination for a daily dose of Disney, capturing the zeitgeist of what is happening in the moment through a Disney lens.
  • Disney Style, exploring the intersection of beloved Disney stories and characters with what’s trending in fashion, nail art, hairstyles, cosmetics, and more.
  • Disney Family brings parents and children together through the wonderful world of Disney crafts, DIYs, recipes, and activities featuring their favorite characters and stories.
  • Babble, which has assembled some of the most vital and vibrant voices in the parenting blog community to share their experiences and give readers a forum to bond and learn.
  • Polaris, home to the best in gaming entertainment, features original content from a community of gaming personalities, including a mix of talk shows, animation, and games-to-life content, in a tone that reflects gaming culture’s broad influence over popular culture.
  • Disney Eats, the digital-first destination for guests to celebrate the world and culture of Disney food.


The network of Maker creators offers a highly-curated and hand-selected set of the top video and social media influencers. Disney is now able to leverage the creators’ unique voices and content across these editorial brands and to create original programming around the creators. Advertisers can leverage the authentic voices and audiences each creator brings, both tied to and separate from the Disney brand.

Disney Co/Op, the in-house branded content marketing services within the Disney Digital Network, pairs Disney digital storytellers with brands to create custom branded content for advertisers. Branded content is then programmed alongside the always-on content across the editorial voices.

To learn more about Disney Digital Network, visit ddn.disney.com.

Press Contact: Bahareh Ramin, bahareh.ramin@disney.com

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